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Party at Smith’s School of English Katsura スミス英会話 桂校

It’s been a month now since I’ve started teaching at my Smith’s English Conversation School in Katsura (スミス英会話 桂). Over the January I’ve met all students and we had more time to know each other. I was delighted by the warm reception they gave me. It was very nice to see their interest in the […]

Smith’s School of English Otsu Christmas Party

Hello All, Once again this year, the Smith’s School of English Otsu Christmas Party was a smashing success. In fact, all the teachers in Otsu felt it was the best Christmas party we’ve hosted yet. This was our 5th Christmas party and after 4 year’s we’ve finally got the perfect formula for fun fun fun. […]

Party at Smith’s Kyobashi

On the 4th of June 2011 Smith’s School of English in Kyobashi organized a sausage and beer party! From the very beginning, it was clear that many students will turn up for the party. When we put the posters up on the wall and asked students if they would be interested in seeing other students […]

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