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Students Travelling Abroad and a Proud Teacher

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。スミス英会話上新庄校の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここで す。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 I have been watching the new pictures flooding the travel bulletin board at my English school in Ohtsu for the past month. It seems this summer was a big one for students, and Japanese people in general, to travel. My English school is not big, but my students are great, and apparently […]

What is sports day? スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 Sports Day, more formally known as “Health and Sports Day”, was started in 1966 to promote health and community spirit. It was started only 2 years after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In Japan, the summer season is very wet, first with the rainy season in June and July, then a very humid and […]

Students Say the Darndest Things スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 I think the more upbeat and energetic we are with our lessons, the more students will respond. This week was a very upbeat week for me and my students responded with some really creative English usage. Here are some samples of things my students came up with: [Teacher] Mr. A, what did you […]

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