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The Most Peaceful Place in Otsu 天孫神社

Otsu city (大津市) is the capital of Shiga prefecture (滋賀県), with a population of over 340,000 people. The heart of the city is the area between Otsu station and Ishiyama station. The area in front of Otsu station is the business and governmental centre, home to municipal, prefectural and national government offices. This is a […]

First Trip to Canada:17-year-old Chiharu

The Japanese Version of This Article is Here At the end of my high school years (in Japan), I went and stayed in Canada for two weeks by myself.  The stay was for only ten days but I studied English at a language school in Vancouver and also visited a university that I was interested in applying to.  I was […]

SSE Ohtsu Test スミス英会話大津テスト

スミス英会話大津校の日本語のサイトはこちら 英会話無料レッスンはこちら Every teacher feels pride when their students perform well. Recently at SSE Ohtsu we had several students successfully achieve some great goals. Mr. T took the eiken pre-1st test. Last year I helped Mr. T pass the

“Hands on” English スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津日本語のサイトはここです。 Anything out of the ordinary is fun for students. Some of my favourite lessons are ones that can be adapted to having the student’s using the white board or doing something hands on. Moving around the classroom, using their eyes or their hands or their actions. Role plays are an obvious way to do […]

Change Things Up and Keep Life Fresh スミス英会話大津石山膳所

日本語のサイトはここです。 Change is good. I just wanted to remind everyone of the importance of changing things up from time to time. Change the decor in your school, change the music or the ambience. Seasonal decorations in the classroom and adding seasonal themes to your lessons make everything more interesting. Refreshing your teaching skills and changing […]

スミス英会話大津 ハロウィンパーティ SSE Ohtsu Halloween Party

スミス英会話大津、ハロウィンパーティの日本語のサイトです。 On November 1st, SSE Ohtsu hosted a magnificent night of games, scary costumes, delicious treats (and pizza), pumpkin carving, treat-or-treating and more! A dozen of us crammed into our school: witches, skeletons, a giant pumpkin, a japanese comedian, a supermodel, and “Edo the Edo Samurai” (that’s me!). We had a great time singing and […]

Notes on Note taking, Learning English スミス英会話大津膳所石山

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 Keen and creative students can both impress and inspire. As well as teaching students new things about the English language and coaching them to become confident using English, part of our job is to

How to Teach Students of Different Levels (Routine 4) スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 Have you ever struggled with having 2 students of obviously different ability level? Today I had a lesson with a low orange (mid-level beginner) student and a high red (high-level mid-range) student. The lower level student is a restaurant manager who studies for fun and has been studying with us for only 3 […]

What is sports day? スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 Sports Day, more formally known as “Health and Sports Day”, was started in 1966 to promote health and community spirit. It was started only 2 years after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In Japan, the summer season is very wet, first with the rainy season in June and July, then a very humid and […]

Students Say the Darndest Things スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 I think the more upbeat and energetic we are with our lessons, the more students will respond. This week was a very upbeat week for me and my students responded with some really creative English usage. Here are some samples of things my students came up with: [Teacher] Mr. A, what did you […]

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