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Cycling in Japan スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津校の日本語のサイトはこちら 英会話無料レッスンはこちら In November I started riding with a former SSE Ohtsu student “Ozachi” (his wife is still a student at our school). He is an older gentleman who is quite inspiring. He rides, runs, or kayaks every weekend and is in amazing shape. He rides with a team from Strada Bicycle Shop in Kusatsu City […]

How to Personalize your School スミス英会話大津石山膳所

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 Not personalized for you, but personalized for your students. Another thing I picked up from my part-time work at SSE Nagaoka was this great idea:

What is sports day? スミス英会話大津

スミス英会話大津の日本語のサイトはここです。 千晴の部屋はここです。英会話無料レッスンはここです。 Sports Day, more formally known as “Health and Sports Day”, was started in 1966 to promote health and community spirit. It was started only 2 years after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In Japan, the summer season is very wet, first with the rainy season in June and July, then a very humid and […]

I Love Live Music; I Live in Japan

When I first moved to Japan, the thing I missed most was the live music scene that I enjoyed back home in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. But I have been slowly uncovering the ive music scene in and around Kyoto, as has Jim in Tokyo. Many annual festivals feature free live outdoor music, such as Taiko […]

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