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Happy Christmas at the Christmas party in the Smith’s school of English in Fuse!

This Sunday, December 14th, we had again a great Christmas party here at the English Conversation school in Fuse! Some families wanted to join, so we decided to have the party on Sunday afternoon this year. Some students brought sandwiches and doughnuts! This added to the great food from Shinkai made a small but nice […]

Practicing your Listening Skill with Movies

Everybody knows that watching movies in their original English language is a very good and fun way to practice your listening skill.  You can get used to the natural speed and pronunciation of native speakers talking to native speakers. If you do not understand so much, watching the pictures is still very interesting. You can […]

a Fun Night out with the English Students at the Cafe Boem in Fuse!

Eating Out at the Italian restaurant Cafe Boem (カフェーべーム)with the English students(英会話生徒) from the Smith’s School of English(英会話学校) in Fuse (布施)! On a Saturday in May, we met at Cafe Boem (カフェーべーム) to enjoy delicious Italian food in Fuse (布施). One week in one of the English conversation lessons (英会話レッスン) at the Smith’s school of English(英会話学校)in Fuse, we talked […]

Smith’s school of English Fuse’s school trip to the Octoberfest(オオサカオクトーバーフェスト2013) in Tennoji park!

Hello everybody! This is Sven from the Smith’s school of English(スミス英会話) in Fuse(布施)! On Sunday, September 29th, we had a school event at the Octoberfest (オオサカオクトーバーフェスト2013) in Tennoji park (天王寺公園)! The weather was great. It was  sunny and partly cloudy. The atmosphere was relaxed, the sausages sizzling hot and the beer was cold and fresh. […]

A Smith’s pub in Mito(弥刀), Higashi Osaka?

Hi! This is Sven from the Smith’s school of English Fuse, Higashi Osaka.  Last week, I went to Mito station(弥刀駅) on the Kintetsu Osaka line (近鉄大阪線) to promote our English conversation school (英会話学校) in Fuse. Mito station(弥刀駅) is a local station in a peaceful residential area. I always think that it is a nice area […]

Smith’s School of English Fuse Family Visit to Osaka Expo park

Hello, this is Sven from Smith’s School of English Fuse. Last Sunday, my family and I went on a trip to the Osaka Expo Park in Suita in the North of Osaka stopping at Dilipa on the way. The weather was nice. It was sunny and hot. We accessed the park by monorail. Osaka Monorail […]

Ice Cream week August 2013

These are the happy faces of the students enjoying a cold and delicious ice cream this year. The ice cream was the Super Cup from Meiji. Everybody could choose one cup  from the three flavours vanilla, chocolate and green tea. Vanilla was the most popular. Like the years before, Smith’s school of English in Fuse […]

How to repeat the lessons?

Repeating the lessons in your free time is the first and most important way to study English. Just by repeating the lessons, you will get out much more out of your lessons, and thus more out of your money. Like with everything, the “how” and “how much” can only be decided by yourself. A housewife […]

The most often asked question in trial lessons

“What can I do to study English?” Many students ask this question in the trial lesson at the Smith’s school of English in Fuse. I could just tell them that they just need to start with Smith’s. But I choose not to. I think a person in a trial lesson at a conversation school already […]

Let`s build and play - 作ってあそぼう!

As a father raising my son in Japan, I must say that the quality of the KIDS program at the official second channel, ETele (Eテレ) is very high. There are lots of shows with nice songs for children,  a show to learn traditional Japanese language (Nihongo de asobou 日本語で遊ぼう!) a couple of English learning programs for all ages […]

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