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Smith’s Otsu Teacher Profile: Chris Mungioli

This is Part 2 in the series Smith’s Otsu Teacher Profiles. Part 1 can be read HERE. At Smith’s School of English in Otsu we currently have a team of 4 teachers working together. Each teacher is unique in their own way and they all bring different teaching styles to the classroom. I wish to […]

The Pleasure of Living in Japan and Teaching English

I’ve lived in Japan for a total of 16 years including eight years from 1978 to 1986 and eight more years from 2006 until now. I’ve worked for 3 major Japanese companies, 6 years in Japan and 20 years in the U.S. during which I traveled back and forth several times a year. But this […]

“Lawnmower” is an important TOEIC word!

When I was giving a TOEIC practice test to one of my students I was surprised to hear a conversation about lawnmowers among the listening exercises. Then I wondered if it was a common TOEIC word. So far I have found the word in every TOEIC vocabulary book and list I have seen. This got […]

Kind Students at Smith’s Hashimoto

Recently I had to close-down Smith’s Hashimoto School for about ten days to return to the USA because my mother was very sick and dying.  She lived a very full life and passed away very peacefully. Smith’s Head Office was fantastic in their support, notifying all of my students of the closure. What really impressed […]

Heard from a student who transferred to Yokohama

Today I chatted with my student, Yuichi, who transferred to Yokohama for his job. He also transferred from my school in Okamoto (スミス英会話岡本校). He told me that he was enjoying his lessons at the Smith’s Azamino School. He said his teacher Rob (left in the picture) had told him he met me at the latest […]

We Are Achieving More Together

I mentioned how we at Smith’s School of English believe that together, everybody achieves more (T.E.A.M.) in Together Everybody Achieves More at Smith’s School of English Franchises in Japan. Here are some examples: 1. This blog site with us working together posting blogs related to teaching English in Japan and living in Japan. All of […]

My Special Vacation (A shifted-Golden Week Holiday)

Recently I took a special vacation from teaching and running my school to visit my daughter and son in Pittsburgh and Las Vegas, respectively. I worked out a way with my students to be open during Smith’s normal Golden Week holiday and then close during the last week of May and the first week of […]

Got a New PC! Love it!

In the English business in Japan, we sometimes need to use a PC to create some additional lesson materials for students.  Smith’s school has great materials that open the door to student’s learning at many levels. They are created with Japanese students in mind and address areas that are often weak among Japanese students. But […]

Schedule Flexibility-Allows for a Wedding in Hawaii!

This year, I worked during the Golden Week and in exchange I took off 10 days in the middle of June to attend my daughter’s wedding in Maui, Hawaii.  It was certainly a great time for everyone who attended and we had 146 attendees so it was a big event!  Smith’s School is great to […]

It’s time to take action! The New Year is not…

Well, a new year has arrived!  Now is the time to decide what you want to change in your life, what you want to do differently, what new adventure you want to embark on, what new skill you want to acquire or what new business you want to start. I have been working at this […]

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