Autumn Promotion スミス英会話秋のプロモーション


I am so happy to see the back of the hot, humid days that are a part of living through a summer in Osaka, Japan. Summer seemed to carry on a little longer than previous years, however, I felt this week that it is definitely cooling down.

Now that the days are more bearable, it is time to get back out to the stations near my two Smith’s School of English スミス英会話 月謝, namely Sakai Higashi Nankai station (南海堺東駅)and Nakamozu Nankai(南海中百舌鳥駅) and Subway(地下鉄御堂筋線なかもず駅)stations, and get promoting again. It is always nice when my students who see me handing flyers out in the mornings and afternoons stop and say “hi”. Thank you for your kindness and support. I’m looking forward to seeing you at your next English conversation lesson.

In the summer I put up a SSE advertising billboard right nzsext to where my Smith’s School of English Nakamozu スミス英会話なかもず校school is located. If you see the sign, you’ve found my school! So please come in for a free trial lesson(無料体験レッスン). You know you want to!!

I am hoping to add many new students to the ranks of my English conversation 月謝制英会話schools in the coming months. With the help of current students’ referrals, flyers, Smith’s t-shirts and my new sign all working in my favor, I’m feeling pretty good about teaching English here in Japan. Bring on the cool, autumn evenings!


Smiths’s School of English Nakamozu – スミス英会話 なかもず校 (月謝)

Smiths School of English Sakai Higashi – スミス英会話 堺東校 (月謝)

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    Good for you Tim! The sign looks great!

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