Eikaiwa 英会話 Students and Teachers who are angry.

英会話 Eikaiwa,

to me will always be fun. Yes, it is true,  it is a study but first of all I enjoy teaching Eikaiwa.  I remember a long time ago reading a statement that said “Find a job you love and never work another day in your life”  For me that love is Eikaiwa and so I never feel like I am working. But not for all. Some Students and Teachers are still angry.

I have been in Japan since 1989 and have been listening to the same complaints for all those years. From Eikaiwa students I hear they hate paying big amounts of money up front at ticket schools. When they do go to Eikaiwa ticket schools they never seem to be able to get lessons or keep up their study. Their teachers change all the time. They never feel like they are improving. From the teachers side I hear they hate never knowing if they can keep their jobs, that they feel underpaid for the work they do and that they do not feel any respect for their effort.

To me the answer to both sets of complaint has always been very clear. Teacher owned geshya system (月謝制英会話)

English schools. Here at Smith’s School of English we took a risk many years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. We risked giving our company name and reputation to our teachers to open their own schools.

Our company logo in Japanese is “Anata no Machi De Tanoshiku Eikaiwa” or in English “Have Fun Studying English in Your Own Town”  This is not just a logo but the truth. Moreover, it is not just the truth it is our way of life.

Our students do have fun. How can we be sure they are having fun? Our students pay by the month using the monthly payment system (geshya system). They can leave our schools without financial loss at any time they want yet most of our students stay with us for many years. Why do they stay so long? Well just two of many reasons are because we are monthly tuition (geshya sei) and because our teachers care about them so very much. I know many good English teachers working for a salary at English schools in Japan. Many are great people however I am sorry to say they will never care for a student the way a school owner will. As franchise school owners Smith’s Teachers care very much for every lesson and every student.

Such high levels of care will almost always equal Happiness and Fun for both teacher and student.

Mark Smith.


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    Great post Mark. I agree completely.

    SSE Tsukaguchi

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