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Franchisee or Real Estate Investor?

With a wonderful wife and two great kids (so far) to provide for I realized that in the future this wouldn’t be enough to pay for school fees, medical and everything else. So in January 2004 I sat down with Smith’s School of English and we put into effect a plan. In September 2004 I opened my school in Okamoto, Kobe. This was also the start of my property investing. With an English school??? Let’s go back a few years.

Joining Fees

At all Smith’s School of English locations across Japan we charge the students 20,000 yen joining fee. I can hear it from here. “Oh it’s too much! Do you really think they will join?”

Yes they will.

Lesson Times

The topic of lesson times grabs a lot of argument in the industry.

It shouldn’t!

Setting Your Price

Charge what you are worth and enjoy an ever growing sense of self esteem. You are a professional!

12 Location Hints.

There will be times when your emotion wants one place and your budget and business plan say it is wrong. You must put your emotion aside and follow the rules. Match it to your LIFE.

Location for Your English School.

We have all read these words in books, magazines and web sites. If you are reading these articles you are most probably thinking to build your own school. You will be excited and ambitious in this enterprise and that is the frame of mind which your start up needs. Put these things together: excitement, ambition and the words Location, Location, Location.

What’s It All About?

Basically, owning your own school in Japan boils down to two main tasks.

“Seek First to Understand and Then to Be Understood.”

Today it is my PASSION to have you understand what I know. I want to show you how to succeed as I have in business.

Specifically, these articles are about showing you how to open and operate your own profitable English School.

Free Advice for New English schools

Whether you be a Smith’s franchise, an independent English school operator, an employed English teacher doing privates on the side or a person thinking to join one of these groups we want help you.

Teaching Language to Infants

If a child is scoffed at, he becomes shy, if he is defamed, he learns to feel guilty. On the other hand, if people are often indulgent with a child, he learns to be patient.

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