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Koenji - English School Franchise
Nagaokakyo/Kyoto - English School Franchise SOLD
Azamino/Kanagawa,Yokohama - English School Franchise SOLD
Nakamozu / Osaka - English School Franchise SOLD
Kichijoji / Tokyo - English School Franchise SOLD
Fukushima / Osaka - English School Franchise SOLD
Kamishinjo, Osaka SOLD - see what the new owner had to say!
Otsu City / Shiga SOLD
FC Fuse/ East Osaka City SOLD
FC Kotoen / Hyogo, Nishinomiya City SOLD
Okamoto / Kansai SOLD
FC Koshien SOLD

To purchase any of these locations please contact Smith's School of English

New Franchise Locations Available.


BUYCan you speak English? If so, you can teach English in Japan. Are you prepared to come to Japan and teach English? Our franchise system will fast track you right into your own school franchise in Japan. Visa, Training, Location, Operating system, Curriculum...all taken care of.

BUILDCome over, give it a couple of years, build your student body, bank your profits, sell your franchise, bank the lump sum and carry it home. Who knows, you may decide to stay. That's really up to you. I promise you, you will be amazed at how simple our business system is and how fast you can get ahead working a Smith's School of English Franchise teaching English in Japan.

If you are looking for the challenge of developing your own English school franchise in Japan, contact Smith's School of English today. Want more infomation? Check out the NEXT STEP in becoming an English School owner in Japan.


Developed Franchise Locations Available

SELLFor those who want to purchase a developed English school franchise in preference to developing a new franchise from scratch, then please browse the available schools listed below.

For those franchisees who are now ready to 'SELL' their franchise, please click here to log in and fill out our listing form. Once we've received and processed your information, the franchise will be listed here below.

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